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Stage A1: ガンダム大地に立つ

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit or player's team destroyed


  • 5000 Capital


  • Break Trigger 1: Amuro defeats Gene
  • Break Trigger 2: Flit defeats a Gafran
  • Challenge Mission 1: Can Amuro defeat Gene with the beam saber?
  • Challenge Mission 2: Can Flit defeat a Gafran with the beam saber?
  • Over Impact: Kira defeats Athrun within 4 turns

Player Units:
Player Team
M Gundam - Amuro Ray
Generation Break 1 Player Reinforcements:
M Gundam AGE-1 Normal - Flit Asuno
Generation Break 2 Player Reinforcements:
Archangel - Murrue Ramius

Enemy Units:
Zaku II - Gene
Zaku II - Denim
Zaku II- Zeon Soldier (x2)
Generation Break 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Gafran- UE (x3)
Secret 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
AEU Enact (Demonstration Colors) - Patrick Colasour

Generation Break 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Aegis Gundam - Athrun Zala
GINN - Miguel Aiman
GINN- ZAFT Soldier (x2)
Secret 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Galluss-J - Mashymre Cello

Launch and start taking out Zakus. Utilize chance steps to put your team into a position in which they can support Amuro as he attacks Gene with the beam saber in order to trigger the break. Prioritize Patrick before the Gafrans, because they won't move in right away.

Move Kira towards Athrun immediately once he appears in order to trigger the Over Impact in time. Position your guest units strategically beforehand so that you can destroy them before they get a chance to attack you; this is the key to Over Impact. It's actually rather easy because their halved stats make them quite weak, it's just that their HP is a little high and the pilots generally have good stats.

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