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Stage A2: ガンダム強奪

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit or player's team destroyed


  • 5000 Capital


Player Units:
Player Team
Albion - Eiphar Synapse

Generation Break 1 Player Reinforcements:
M Gundam Exia - Setsuna F Seiei
Generation Break 2 Player Reinforcements:
M Shokew - Uso Evin

Enemy Units:
Gundam GP02A - Anavel Gato
Xamel - Bob
Dom Tropen - Gaily
Dom Tropen- Delaz Fleet Soldier (x2)
Generation Break 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Agrissa - Ali Al-Saachez
AEU Hellion Ground Type (PMC)- PMC Trust Soldier (x4)
Secret 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Kapool - Sochie Heim

Generation Break 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Cronicle's Zolo - Cronicle Asher
Zolo- Zanscare Solder (x2)
Secret 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Noin's Aries - Lucrezia Noin

Send Kou towards Gato right away. Block his path with your own units and Kou will be able to get close enough to use his beam saber. Keep moving your units to the right side, because Ali will appear on the left. His annoying map attack will drain your EN and Setsuna is far away, so it will be easier to buy time while he gets into range. Additionally, you'll want your team over there for when Uso and Cronicle appear.

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