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Stage A3: 戦いを呼ぶもの

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit or player's team destroyed


  • 5000 Capital


Player Units:
Player Team
Minerva - Talia Gladys

Generation Break 1 Player Reinforcements:
M Unicorn Gundam - Banagher Links
Generation Break 2 Player Reinforcements:
M Gundam Exia Repair - Setsuna F Seiei

Enemy Units:
Girty Lue - Ian Lee

Chaos Gundam - Sting Oakley
Abyss Gundam - Auel Neider
Gaia Gundam - Stella Loussier
Dark Dagger L (Jet Striker)- Earth Alliance Soldier (x3)
Generation Break 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Sinanju - Full Frontal
Angelo's Geara Zulu - Angelo Sauper
Geara Zulu (Guards Type)- Neo Zeon Soldier (x4)
Secret Break 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Guncannon - Kai Shiden

Generation Break 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Ahead - Barack Zinin
GN-XIII (A-LAWS Type) - Andrei Smirnov
GN-XIII (A-LAWS Type) - Louise Halevy
Secret Break 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Dahgi Iris - Annamarie Bourget

Break through the enemies for Shinn to reach Sting or Auel. Triggering the second break will most likely require you to kill some enemies with Banagher, so you unfortunately might have to waste a little EXP. Don't head too far down; let Kai come to you so that you're free to send your units to the top to fight Full Frontal, the A-LAWS, and Annamarie.

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