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Stage BEX: 二つの閃光

Win Conditions:

Lose Conditions:

  • Master unit, guest warship, or player's team destroyed


  • 14000 Capital


Player Units:
Player Team
M Qubeley - Haman Karn
M Halphas Bose - Aphrodia
Generation Break 1 Player Reinforcements:
M Tallgeese II - Treize Khushrenada
Generation Break 2 Player Reinforcements:
M Gelgoog Marine Cima Custom - Cima Garahau

Enemy Units:
Barbadoro - Barbadoro Neuro
Providence Gundam - Rau Le Creuset
GuAIZ R - ZAFT Soldier (x6)
GuAIZ (Commander Type) - ZAFT Soldier (x2)
GuAIZ - ZAFT Soldier (x4)
CGUE - ZAFT Soldier (x9)
GINN High-Maneuver Type 2 - ZAFT Soldier (x3)
GINN High-Maneuver - ZAFT Soldier (x6)
Generation Break 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Arche Gundam - Ali Al-Saachez
GOUF Ignited - ZAFT Soldier (x6)
Blaze ZAKU Warrior - ZAFT Soldier (x2)
ZAKU Warrior - ZAFT Soldier (x4)
Secret Break 1 Enemy Reinforcements:
Gundam Mk-IV - High Neuro

Generation Break 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Hiling's Gadessa - Hiling Care
Revive's Gadessa - Revive Revival
Bring's Garazzo - Bring Stabity
Ahead - A-LAWS Soldier (x4)
GN-XIII (A-LAWS Type) - A-LAWS Soldier (x8)
Secret Break 2 Enemy Reinforcements:
Gundam Belphagor - High Neuro

Start by moving out of the range of the enemy map weapons. After the first break you'll have to keep your units out of the center as well. Steadily advance on the enemy, making use of the safe areas, until you can move freely again after the second break. Clear out the remaining enemies and wait for the reinforcements to change maps; destroy them and then head for the Barbadoro.

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