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Prologue: オーバーインパクト

Win Conditions:

  • All enemies destroyed

Lose Conditions:

  • None


  • Master Character Select


  • Event Movie 02: All Enemy Units destroyed

Player Units:
Nahel Argama Kai - Otto Mitas

M 00 Qan[T] - Setsuna F Seiei
Player Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Automatically on Turn 2
Nu Gundam - Amuro Ray
Freedom Gundam - Kira Yamato
God Gundam - Domon Kasshu
Gundam AGE-1 Normal - Flit Asuno

Enemy Units:
ELS (Small Type) (x6)
Enemy Reinforcements:
-Trigger: Automatically on Turn 2
ELS (Small Type) (x9)

Banagher should destroy enemies with the support of the Nahel Argama while Setsuna utilizes the Qan[T]'s multi-lock to take out ELS. When the second wave appears, Setsuna should continue as before while your reinforcements pick off the secondary targets of Setsunas attack that were weakened. Use Banagher's Master Skill if you need HP or EN.

Your reinforcements will become enemies after all ELS are destroyed due to the effects of the Over Impact, but their stats have been severely reduced so they're not really a threat. Defeating one is sufficient and will cause the rest to cease attacking.

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