SD Gundam G Generation World
World Box A
Platform: PSP, Wii
Release Date: 02/24/2011
Alternate Cover
World Box B

Perhaps the ultimate in streamlined gameplay, SD Gundam G Generation World can be considered a continuation of the mechanics introduced in Wars. The game forgoes many of the limitations imposed upon players in previous installments for a more nonlinear, sandbox experience which emphasizes player freedom, choice, and ease-of-use, though sacrifices some complexity and game structure in the process.

Returning from Wars are several elements, such as Wars Breaks (now Generation Breaks), character abilities, and EX stages. The game also makes several changes, however: unit stat inheritance is gone completely, profile completion bonus characters make a return, and, perhaps most importantly, characters are no longer ranked in their roles and therefor can once again be assigned to any task.

World's stages are divided into four tiers containing 10 stages each: A, B, C, and D. Starting with A, each tier becomes progressively more difficult. Once all stages in a tier are complete, an EX stage is unlocked which, upon clearing, allows the player access to the next tier of stages and a new master character, until the final stages are reached. Upon completing the game, a new difficulty is even unlocked.


Units: 707
Unique Buildable: 532
Basic Units: 25
Character-Exclusive Units: 51
Series Included in G Generation World:

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